By Joan Wanjiku | 23 Nov 2021
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Leveraging on technology to apply to institutions of learnin

These days we often take for granted that we can have so much done over the phone or computer.
We have the internet and technology which has allowed us to accomplish so much.

When was the last day you travelled to go meet someone unless it was so important?
While the pandemic has put a strain on our physical movement, it also brought the possibility of having online classes to greater public consciousness.

And so we ask ourselves, with this shift in how we do things, what happens to making applications to these institutions? How do we make it easier for young people to apply to institutions of learning?

In a case where Student A lives in Turkana and has been placed by The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) at a school down at the Coast. He/she is still expected to pick their admission letter at Coast Institute of Technology or Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.

I say it’s not practical. This student will spend a lot of money on transportation costs even before he/she has joined school. And this is just one scenario.

Take for example a case where John cleared school in 2020 and he has no idea of the school he wants to join. He doesn’t even know what course he wants to pursue. And this is something which is very common among students.
John will now have to start planning on visiting different schools to pick up brochures and fill out numerous application forms before he is finally accepted to join a certain college or university.

How many trips will John make? How much money will John use? But all is not lost. All this can be avoided.
Everyday is a new day to create new solutions to the problems we are experiencing.

Jiunge is providing a chance to students in the country to search for and apply to institutions of learning online. What do I mean?
In the case of Student A who has been placed at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, he/she would just download his admission letter from www.jiunge.com together with the fees structure. Easy? Right?

What about John who has no idea of the course he wants to pursue or the school he wants to join? Jiunge allows students to learn more about different careers that one can pursue. After he decides on his career path, John can go ahead and apply to his school of choice on the platform.

Jiunge continues to partner with the best institutions of learning in the country to make sure that you or your child are only getting the best when it comes to education.
And why not?

The future of education…. Is having to apply to institutions of learning all online only on www.jiunge.com


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