What is Jiunge?

Jiunge is an online application that eases the process of school selection through digitization of school field search. Moreover, Jiunge provides the best solution to search, book and secure a hostel near your campus. Please see below to see what Jiunge has to offer:-  

1. Programme Application

Jiunge links Institutions to potential scholars. Having all the available programmes, schools provide the students with all the relevant information regarding the aforementioned programmes. The application provides you with access to inquiries about programmes all in your phone screen or desktop. Using your qualifications from your previous education, Jiunge helps you point to the programmes that are best suited for you.

2. Hostels and Accommodation

Booking of hostels around your school of choice may be a hassle especially with the rush to go back to school and/or report on time. Using our platform, Jiunge will help you see all the hostels that are available around your campus. You can see all the features, amenities and facilities that are offered in the respective accommodation. 

What are the benefits of Jiunge?

1. Saves you time 

The platform brings information about institutions and all their respective programmes to your smartphone and desktops. Normally parents and students go to the institution to inquire about courses. They end up with more papers after visiting the school, than they came in with. The time spent in going to these institutions is a lot compared to accessing all the information with clicks of buttons. This is all done at your convenience.

2. Saves you money 

By using just data bundles or visiting a cyber café near you, obtain the necessary school documents for you to fill and simply upload them for the school to review. Jiunge platform replaces the need for going to the institution physically using a lot of fare hence more expenses.

3. Easy accommodation search 

Jiunge gives you a peace of mind through online hostel booking because acquiring a hostel room in the last minute is hectic. You can now book for a room in the hostel of your choice at the comfort of your home.

How much will it cost me to register to Jiunge?

Registration to Jiunge is FREE of charge. Please click 'Sign Up' to register with us.

Which number should I call when I have problems or challenges on Jiunge?

Our helpline is 0717421111. You can also reach us through our email

What do I do if I forget my password and login details?

Please follow the steps to create a new password. 

STEP ONE.    Click on Login

STEP TWO.    Click ‘Forgot Password?

STEP THREE.    Enter your Email address-(Make sure to enter the email that you used to register to Jiunge)

STEP FOUR.     Access your email address

STEP FIVE.    Click ‘Click Here’ in the notification in your email. 

STEP SIX.    Enter your new password and confirm your password.

STEP SEVEN.   Go to Jiunge homepage and proceed to login.


How do you register to Jiunge?

STEP ONE.     Click ‘Sign Up’ in Homepage

STEP TWO.     Add your personal details and create a password.

STEP THREE.    Choose Programme(if you want to apply for a programme

 Or Accommodation (if you want to book for a hostel room)

STEP FOUR.     Click ‘Sign Up’ (Sign Up Window)

STEP FIVE.     Access your email address for a verification notification from Jiunge.

STEP SIX.     Click ‘Click Here’ button.

STEP SEVEN.     Proceed to logging in and experience the vastness of Jiunge


(If you have a Google account) Click Here to register with your Google account.

STEP ONE.       Click ‘Sign Up’ on the homepage

STEP TWO.       Click ‘Google’

STEP THREE.      Access your Gmail address

STEP FOUR.       Access your email address for a verification notification from Jiunge.

STEP FIVE.       Click ‘Click Here’ button.


(For KUCCPS and NYS Students) Enter your KCSE Index Number Here 

STEP ONE.       Click on ‘Click Here’ link in “Are you a sponsored student? ‘Click Here’ to Sign Up.” the ‘Sign Up’ Window

STEP TWO.       Enter your KCSE Index Number

STEP THREE.      Click ‘Activate’

STEP FOUR.       Add any missing personal details and create password.

STEP FIVE.       Click ‘Submit’

What happens if I have booked the wrong hostel and I want to change?

Booking cancellation can be done in the following scenarios;

Scenario 1. Before payment 
STEP ONE.    Logging into your account
STEP TWO.    Navigate to ‘My Bookings’ on your side-menu
STEP THREE.   Click on the ‘Cancel Icon


STEP ONE.    Logging into your account
STEP TWO.    Navigate to ‘Cart
STEP THREE.   Click ‘Remove’ on the Booked Hostel

Scenario 2. After Payment 
Please read the hostel policies for the hostel that you have paid for, because you will be able to get clarification on whether or not you can get a refund. You can obtain this information in the 'About' section of the hostel you paid for. 

Browse the hostels available and choose the best that catches your eye and that is convenient for you.

Please reach us on 0717 421 111 if you have any questions on hostel booking via

How do I know that I have been accepted to the school?

STEP ONE.    Login in your account.
STEP TWO.    Check on ‘My Applications’ Tab.
STEP THREE.   Check ‘Status’; (Status will read ‘Approved’; this means that you have been accepted to the school. Proceed to download your admission letter), ( Status will read ‘Pending’ when your application is still being processed by the school)

Can I get contacts for a hostel landlord via Jiunge?

Go to the hostel whose landlord you want to contact. View details of the hostel in the ‘About’ section provides you with the details of the landlord.


Where can I get a report of all applications made in my college?

Log in to your account to see all the applications made by following the steps below:- 

STEP ONE.   Click ‘Login’ in the homepage

STEP TWO.   Select the ‘Institution’ tab

STEP THREE.  Enter your username and password

STEP FOUR.  Click ‘Login’ 

STEP FIVE.  Select ‘Applications’ on the side-menu (You will get a list of all applications made to the school

How will I be billed?

Your school will be billed according to the agreement made between you, the School, and Jiunge (ABNO Softwares International Ltd) at the period of onboarding. Reconciliation will be done after the application phase per intake has expired. For more information on this, please contact our helpline; 0717 421 111

How do I know that a student has paid their application fee?

STEP ONE.    Follow the steps in FAQ “Where can I get a report of all applications made in my college?”
STEP TWO.    Navigate to the ‘Status’ column,
STEP THREE.   Use this list of ‘Status’ to guide you:-
                                 a. Payment Pending;-Application has been made but has NOT been PAID for.
b. Payment Processing;-Payment has been attempted but it is Unsuccessful or in the confirmation phase.
c. Pending; - Payment is Successful. You will be able to Accept or Reject the applications.


How do I register my properties on Jiunge?

Please contact Jiunge through 0717421111, to make arrangements for onboarding. The Jiunge team will liaise with you (Property owner(s)) to register your hostels and rooms to our website.

How will I be billed for service?

Jiunge team will have a sit-down meeting with you to work out the details regarding payments and billings. An Agent Fee of 25% is to be applied for the first month rent of every tenant upon making a successful booking to your hostel rooms through Jiunge.

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